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Blog Title: Choosing Perfect Size Air Conditioners
How to choose a Perfect Size Air Conditioner?
Category: Ac Condenser Post By: BETTY T LACURE (Los Angeles, CA), 02/24/2016

An oversized air conditioner can quickly cool a home, but it results in frequently cycling on and off, which doesn’t allow enough time to remove moisture and may make the house feel clammy. A properly sized AC will operate for a longer period of time during the hottest days, which will remove that uncomfortable moisture. Although a properly sized unit will run longer, it will be more efficient and use less energy. Oversizing a residential AC system by 50% will cause a 10% increase in energy consumption. Not only do oversized units consume more energy, but they also remove less moisture from your home.

- HECTOR B (San Antonio, TX), 03/30/2016
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