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Blog Title: Programmable Thermostat helop my Electric bill.
Does a programmable thermostat help my electric bills?
Category: House Furnace Post By: JESSICA LEWIS (Baltimore, MD), 01/29/2016

"Yes, a programmable thermostat provides savings, convenience, and extra comfort for most customers. Those with a regular schedule and prefer different temperatures when sleeping versus being awake, will appreciate what a programmable thermostat can do for you. A popular benefit is the ability to set the thermostat to drop to a cooler temperature when sleeping yet have the house warmed up by the time you awaken for the day. You can also set the thermostat to automatically turn the unit off while you are at work and then bring the temperature back to a normal, comfortable setting by the time you get home. This saves you money by not having the unit running an unoccupied house all day. If you do not have a regular schedule, or if you always keep the thermostat at the same setting, a programmable thermostat may not be for you. "

- LAWRENCE P (Tampa, FL), 02/16/2016
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