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There is no denying the fact that there is a lot of difference when it comes to taking care of the comfort at home and in a commercial setup. Thought it is true that air conditioners both in a home and in a business setup work in a similar way, yet there are major differences between the two. Hence, it is important that only a technician with proper experience takes care of a commercial air conditioner. There are certain key differences between the domestic and the commercial air conditioning that one needs to be aware of if one decides to install an air conditioner for business purpose.

The first noticeable difference between a commercial air conditioner and the residential air conditioner is the location of the two. Commercial air conditioning systems are mostly located on the roof of the building while in case of domestic air conditioners, the outdoor unit is located outside the home either behind or beside it. There are some reasons as to why commercial HVAC systems are located on the roof. First of all, placing the unit on the roof frees up a considerable amount of interior space and that can be used for other important purposes. It eliminates a major source of sound pollution. It allows repair and maintenance of the unit without interfering into the daily operations. Last but not the least, the unit can be kept safe from unwanted vandalism.

It has been noticed that residential air conditioners are generally in splits. The unit that stays inside the home has the blower, the evaporator and the condensate drainage, while the outside unit has the compressor, the condenser and the condenser fan. On the other hand, commercial units are in one complete package inside a single unit and only the ducts and the zone dampers are inside the house and the rest of the parts are outside.

It has been noticed that residential air conditioners are standalone structures and cannot be built upon. Both the outdoor and the indoor unit will have to work together to give the desired impact. In case, significant changes need to be made to the heating and cooling of the unit, the entire unit has to be replaced. In comparison, commercial units are modular in structure which means they can be altered as and when required. HVAC technicians can easily replace single units from a commercial air conditioner and can also move the smaller parts from one part to the other because the unit on the whole is a bulky one and cannot be moved at once.

As far as complexity is concerned, commercial units are more complex than the residential ones. They heat and cool larger indoor areas, thus they have a drainage system that requires more parts when compared to the residential units.

However, last but not the least, whenever you need to buy a commercial air conditioning system it is best to get in touch with a reputed brand and a qualified HVAC technician so that he can deal with the entire process with ease.

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