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HVAC Engineers play an important role in the climate control of homes, office buildings and other facilities. As far as the duties and the responsibilities of HVAC engineers are concerned, it include design, installation, maintenance and repair of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, cooling, and refrigeration systems. In recent times, there has been an upsurge in the job applicants of HVAC engineers because it has become one of the lucrative profession. One of the main reasons for this is that people are becoming more advanced and they are installing more number of HVAC units and the ones who already have HVAC units are opting for upgradation so that they can contribute to a greener environment.

As far as the skills of an HVAC engineer concerned, it is important that they have strong problem solving skills so that they can ensure that the heating, cooling, ventilation and refrigeration systems meets the requirements of the people using them. At the same time, HVAC engineers also need computer skills, strong communication skills and along with that attention to detail. There are different places where an HVAC engineer can be employed. For example, they can be a part of consulting and design firms, equipment manufacturers and also in government agencies.

It is a well-understood fact that in order to become an HVAC engineer, one needs certain amount of formal education. In most of the regions, it is important to have a bachelor’s degree in HVAC engineering technology, architectural engineering, mechanical engineering or a related field from which one can easily become an HVAC engineer. However, it must be noted here that education qualification is not the hard and fast rule in case of HVAC engineers, because there are many who decide to enter the profession at a later stage. There are many institutes which offer a certification program in HVAC engineering to those who have a degree in a related field. But in case, one becomes an HVAC engineer it is important to have a proper license so that they can carry out business once they have received the degree or certificate.

Now let us have a look at some of the responsibilities that an HVAC engineer has to fulfil. They are the following:

• They have to maintain and perform repair on all refrigeration equipment and perform troubleshoot on all HVAC equipment.

• The HVAC engineers have to design and provide enhancements to all conservation programs of electricity and natural gas.

• Analyze all the load programs and perform required calculation on the same and manage accordingly.

Besides these they have a lot of other responsibilities that HVAC engineers needs to carry out. In fact, the position of HVAC engineers are considered one of the senior most position in the HVAC industry. Thus, if one is looking at HVAC engineer as a career option, it is imperative that they go through the course and certification programs rigorously so that they can deal with different HVAC related issues with ease.

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