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If you have an HVAC system at home it is important that you inspect it at regular intervals so that you can keep away heavy expenses at bay. At least inspecting the system twice a year is mandatory. There are certain things that you can do all by yourself without calling in an HVAC contractor. The best time to carry out an inspection of your HVAC system is during the falls and the spring. This way you can ensure that both the warming and cooling functionalities take place without any difficulty. However, some of the components of the HVAC system like the flue pipe that gives out carbon monoxide needs to be checked only by a professional while the other parts can be glanced through by the house owners themselves.

Air filters are the first components that should come under maintenance. However, it is expected that the air filters are free from dust because they have been cleaned or replaced twice a month. If that is not the case you need to take immediate action. You should vacuum or rinse them under a hose or faucet and must also replace the disposable parts of the filter with new ones.

Duct pipes which are located in the basement or in the attic is quite easy to inspect. In case of duct pipes there are certain things that you need to check. For instance, find out if there are peeling duct pipes or loose fittings around the seams of the pipe. If there is any kind of dirt sticking to the duct pipes you need to remove it and also find out if there is any leaking air. It is also a good idea to check out if there are any dents in the metal of the pipe. Last but not the least, try to find out if there are any collapsed or torn sections of flex ducts.

There is also a way to check your furnace flame. You could do so by lighting it up. The flame should be a steady blue one and not a flickering orange or yellow flame. If that is the case you must be aware of the fact that there is some sort of combustion problem and there has to be a professional HVAC contractor who can take care of it.

The compressor should not be obstructed by trees, shrubs or any other objects. At the same time, try to find out if the condenser unit fans are undamaged and straight. In case, you find a bent blade never try to repair it all by yourself. Rather, get in touch with a professional to do the needful.

The grills and registers of the HVAC system should also be checked for dirt or any other object that obstructs airflow.

Lastly, remove the covers and check the thermostat. In case, you find dust you should clean it with care without disturbing the machine.

Thus, carrying out these regular inspections twice a year you can be certain of the fact that your HVAC system has a long life.

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