Hvac Load Calculation

Think of a situation when you have bought a trouser which is a lot oversized than yourself imagining a situation in case you grow fatter. This would be an extremely funny situation. However, a similar kind of situation takes place in many of the new homes. They tend to use HVAC systems more than that is required. This mainly happens because the contractors use a rule of the thumb to calculate the load requirement of a home. In reality the rule of the thumb, may not be applicable because besides square foot area of a home, a lot of other factors determines the load requirement of the house. There can be lot of ill effects of using a load that is higher in capacity than the requirement.

Some of the impacts of using extra load in a house include:

• The home becomes uncomfortable and humid as the unit do not long run to make the rooms cool

• The machine has a shorter life span because as it is too big it does not take long to cool the rooms and as a result the system goes on and off more frequently.

• In case you are installing an oversized system you need to spend extra because every additional size accompanies an additional cost.

• An extra load in your home also means you end up paying higher electricity bills.

• Hence, care should be taken to choose the right HVAC load for your homes.

Primarily, the factors on which load calculation of a house depends on are the following:

• The foundation of the house

• The color and type of roof a house has

• The value of insulation in the walls, floors, and ceilings

• The number of windows in the house, its type, and its location. Similarly, the number of doors along with its type and location.

• The surrounding environment of the area where the house is located. This means one needs to find out whether the home is located in a shady area or in a sunny region.

• The kind of temperature at which the members of the house are comfortable.

• Last but not the least, the size of the house.

On the other hand, a more advanced system of load calculation include measurements of each room. Such a precise measurement does not only help in determining the design of the house but also gives a clear idea as to how the ducts of the room should be designed for maximum efficiency.

If you are thinking that calculating the exact load of a home is a cumbersome task then you are wrong because if you put in all data into the computer you will get the result instantly. The only important step is to fetch all the internal data carefully. You can always get in touch with a professional and well qualified technician who will do the job for you.

Hence, it is recommended that you always use the correct HAVC load for your home to get the most comfortably conditioned room.

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