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The National Fire Protection Association confirms that clothes dryers account for 92% of the 16,800 home structure fires involving dryers and washing machines. The majority were caused by failure to remove accumulated lint buildup throughout the dryer’s exhaust vent. If your dryer is taking too long to dry, excessive lint buildup may be clogging the dryer’s vent, forcing your dryer to run longer, hotter, harder, overheat and possibly start your home on fire. Then it’s time to install DrySafer Dryer Lint Alarm. DrySafer’s patented Airflow Sensor immediately detects restricted airflow upon installation, starting from inside the dryer to the exterior exhaust vent hood. This is critical because A) Lint traps only catch 90% of lint. The other 10% ends up blanketing the dryer’s interior housing and motor. And B) Restricted air flow can also be caused by bird, rodent nests or accumulation of leaves and lint clogging exhaust hoods. Many of today’s newer homes have dryers installed in hall closets, utility rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms which require excessively long venting runs often hidden inside walls and ceilings. Because these vents are inaccessible to clean, the danger of lint accumulation is increased because dryers have to work harder to force air up walls and across ceilings to reach the outside exhaust hood. Yet whether a clog is 5 ft. or 50 ft. away, DrySafer’s Alarm will beep to alert your ducts need cleaning.

  • Installs in minutes - no tools required, just twist on
  • Universal design fits all gas and electric dryers
  • Helps dryers operate at optimal efficiency, last longer by not running more than needed
  • Saves wear and tear on clothes due to excessive tumbling by reducing drying time
  • DrySafer can pay for itself by saving up to 77% energy through reduced drying time
  • DrySafer’s patented “crush-proof EZ flow elbow” prevents restricted airflow caused by crushing, kinking or twisting flexible aluminum ducts when shoved against walls when space is limited
  • Built-in high temperature alarm helps prevent dryer from overheating
  • Battery operated, 3 year battery life (battery included)
  • Installing DrySafer dryer lint alarm is your easy, affordable solution for home safety
  • 1 year limited warranty
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