iVector Wall Mount Smart Convector (4-Pipe - Heat/Cool) - Programmable

IV60 x 140 -4


The iVECTOR is the first in a new generation of intelligent fan convectors. It has been designed specifically to combine all the traditional advantages of a fan convector with a range of new product features made possible by our latest energy efficient heating technology. Overall, the iVECTOR provides an exciting package of significant benefits.

  • Ideal for use with traditional boilers and renewable heat sources such as pellet boilers, wood boilers, geothermal and solar
  • Available in a 2-pipe or a 4-pipe version
  • Excellent heat outputs, even when operating with lower water temperatures
  • Compact in size, due to the large surface area of its heat exchanger
  • Low water content, between 5-10% of the amount used in a traditional radiator with same output
  • Provides a rapid and efficient response to a building's heating and cooling requirements
  • Suitable for both new build and renovation projects
  • Incorporates innovative, intelligent and easy to use controls
  • Operates almost silently at low speeds, it is our quietest fan convector ever
  • Easy to install, there is only a 1-piece casing to attach



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