Wind-driven turbine ventilator is externally braced for strength and perfect alignment. It is designed with a bronze, oil-impregnated top bearing. Vents have a bottom thrust-type pivot bearing with a hardened steel ball riding in a hardended steel seat.
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  • Throat Dia. 6'
  • CFM @ 4 MPH Wind 147
  • Overall Height - Roof Ventilators 14-1/2'
  • Overall Width - Roof Ventilators 12-3/4'
  • Bracing - Roof Ventilators External
  • Item - Roof Ventilators Turbine Ventilator
  • Construction Material Galvanized Steel With Aluminum Bracing
  • Bearing System Features Oiless Bronze Upper Bearing and Lower Thrust Type Ball Bearing
  • Requires Base for New Installations, Flashing

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