VMH Series 9,000 BTU Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner with Heat Pump System Kit - 208V/60Hz


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Single zone models are especially suited to 1 room residential installations such as bedrooms, sunrooms, additions and workshops. Comfort and energy efficiency combine in these attractive wall mount mini splits. Rated as high as 23.5 SEER, they include all the advantages of advanced inverter technology. You’ll find that your room reaches the preset temperature quickly and that the temperature is constant, without the variations that occur in other types of systems due to on-off cycling. Because the units run at low frequency most of the time, energy usage is kept to a minimum. However, during weather extremes (or when you have a room full of people), the compressor ramps up automatically to reach the set point and maintain the comfort level. VMH Series units are exceptionally quiet. Heavy duty inverter compressors in the condensers are not just efficient, but they also reduce noise and vibration. Inside, the balanced fan circulates large volumes of air at minimal sound levels.

  • Kit consist of: A-VMH09SD-1 VMH series heat pump - inverter single zone outdoor section, B-VMH09SD-1 VMH series heat pump - inverter single zone indoor section, 25 ft. line set, and 30 ft. central wire
  • Attractive cabinet - indoor units feature a slim profile with rounded corners and sleek grilles in a subtle white finish
  • Multiple modes - cooling, dehumidification only, and heating; sleep mode, 24-hour timer, turbo mode, auto mode
  • Auto swing - continually adjusts air flow direction for a gentle, breeze-like effect
  • Remote control - makes it easy to program and operate the unit
  • Enhanced filtration - silver ion filter delivers improved indoor air quality, eliminating bacteria in the air
  • Defrost control - automatically removes any frost accumulation on the coil as needed
  • Follow feature - remote senses temperature where occupant is, automatically adjusts to maintain
  • Auto restart - reverts to the last setting following a power failure
  • Low ambient operation - cooling 5°F to 122°F, heating 5°F to 86°F
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