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Most often it is seen that when one buys a new home the aspects which are considered the most includes the plumbing work, the floor treatments and the like. However, at a later stage it is noticed that people feel dissatisfied with the heating and cooling systems of the house. In order to avoid discomfort later on it is necessary that certain factors are taken into consideration before shifting to a new home. They are the following:

Ducts play an important role to make the house comfortable. For instance, ducts should be properly sized so that the room is perfectly comfortable. Generally, it is seen that externally insulated round ducts perform a lot better than the long runs of flexible duct.

In case of cooling systems it is always a good idea to use refrigerant which is environment friendly. This way you can be sure that the air within the room will also be free from all kinds of allergens.

Another factor to which you should look into is balance dampers. It is necessary that the balance dampers are placed at some distance from the diffuser grille. At the same time, to do this job it is better to get in touch with an expert technician to avoid all kinds of flaw at a later stage.

In case of heating system if you have a furnace that is attic mounted the chances of leakage are higher. Also in such an arrangement the ceiling can get easily damaged. On the other hand, furnaces which are at floor level and are mounted at closets have very less chance of leakage and damage. So, get in touch with an expert before you place the furnace of your heating system.

The location of the outdoor unit also plays an important role. For example, the worst place to locate an outdoor unit is places where they can be heard and seen. It is never a good idea to place the outdoor unit outside the bedroom window. At these places they can be easily damaged.

Always try to purchase a unit which has a higher energy efficiency. This is important because a system with higher energy efficiency will help you save on your electric bills and will also not be much harmful to the environment.

Try to put in a filter-dryer in the air conditioner. This helps in increasing the life span of the air conditioner. Similarly, coil types play an important role. Generally, it is seen that coil types of a single type lasts longer than the others.

An important thing to remember about residential HVAC systems is that for conditioned air to enter the room it is important that a same amount of air goes out from the room. This is possible with the installation of return air diffuser and entering air diffuser. However, a similar function can be accomplished with transfer grilles or jump ducts.

Last but not the least, the air filters should be located at a place which is easily accessible by the home owners. This is important because air filters need regular replacement and so they should be at places which is easy to find.

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